New ASC Development

Successful Development Begins with Pre-planning

Pre-planning your new ASC is a methodical process of collecting and analyzing the right data, synthesizing perspectives of all stakeholders, and bringing necessary resources to the table. You must formulate realistic financial projections, devise an equitable ownership and governance structure, create an efficient design, and raise investment equity to ensure the new development will be well capitalized. In doing so, you bring the clarity, unity and direction that transforms vision into a reality that will succeed.

Our Expert Pre-planning Puts Your ASC on the Path to Success:
  • Survey your physicians to estimate patient demand, and projected surgical caseload by specialty or CPT codes.
  • Review and propose fees and cost-per-case by specialty, benchmarked against fees with top payers in your market.
  • Estimate opening costs including equipment, building, legal fees for joint venturing and other pre-operational costs.
  • Develop profit/loss and other financial projections to include use and source of proceeds, cash flow and collections, and revenues per specialty.
  • Estimate staffing costs and other financial assumptions.
  • Develop a comprehensive feasibility analysis.
  • Prepare an investment grade summary for potential joint venture partners and lending institutions. Includes suggestions on operational and legal structures, per-unit share price, and initial sources and uses of funds.
  • Coordinate with architect and builder.
  • Obtain proposals for financing of building and equipment
  • Provide additional broker/dealers and resources for syndication.
  • Prepare room-by-room equipment list.

Development Phase

After thorough pre-development, we oversee facility development and all clinical, business office and administrative development, licensing and accreditation, staff recruitment and training, and opening.

  • All aspects of building and equipping the facility.
  • Governance structuring, medical staff bylaws and credentialing.
  • Development of clinical policies, adhering to state, Medicare, and accreditation standards.
  • System-wide risk management.
  • Facility liability and insurance.
  • Licensing, accreditation, waivers and permits.
  • Human resources systems and procedures.
  • Business office systems: information management, scheduling, insurance verification, coding, billing and collections, accounts payables, cash management.
  • Contracting with payers and optimizing referrals.
  • Ancillary facility agreements.
  • Information technology.
  • Web development and marketing communications.
  • Opening events.

We have the expertise and resources to oversee all aspects of your pre-planning and development—from initial concept through opening and beyond.
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