ASC Investment is more than the Money.
It’s the Right Fit of Partners.

A mature ASC with a history of success in its market is a highly attractive investment for potential new partners. But money should not be the only factor. Always, there must be the right fit between shareholders and potential investors. There must be multiple layers of understanding, shared goals and a deep foundation for respect. A well conceived investor transition strategy honors all partners, enhances the culture and strengthens patient care.

For 30+ years, ASD has successfully restructured ASC ownership:

  • We’ve identified and recruited the right sellers and buyers to grow value of the ASC.
  • We are now capitalized to invest with an ASC’s owners as a minority partner. We bring an infusion of our investment money and professional management to grow the business exponentially.

As an ASC investment partner, we drive new revenue, reduce expenses and improve revenue performance:

  • We grow patient volumes through negotiations with larger self-insured companies, third party administrators, larger insurers and health systems.
  • We identify new medical services and procedures appropriate for your ASC market, physicians and goals. We develop those new service lines, adding physicians and investors to leverage opportunities in the widening field of ambulatory care.
  • We improve your revenue performance by focusing intently on payer mix and revenue cycle management, negotiating more favorable reimbursement rates and optimal pricing.
  • We reduce operational costs through group purchasing discounts, group benefits and national discounts with implant and other medical device manufacturers.

As your partner, we will build on the goodwill of your center and drive your future success.
Let us start the conversation today.

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