ASC Management

Run your ASC as a Well-tuned Business

The key to success is operating your ASC as a well-managed business. That means maintaining an eye on the big picture while you tightly managing the day-to-day complexities of all clinical and business office systems. This enables you live up to the promise of an ASC: a highly efficient, profitable center, maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety and patient care. A unified culture in which physicians and staff are able to do their best for patients.

ASD brings 30+ years of experience managing successful ASCs
  • Unparalleled experience managing day-to-day operations in cooperation with administration.
  • Dedication to exceptional patient care.
  • Defined, well-honed and proven management systems.
  • Proprietary analytical tools.
  • National benchmark measures of success.
  • Objective, strategic thinking and planning.

Overview of Management Services:

  • Prepare annual operating and capital budget
  • Cash management and banking supervision
  • Statistical reporting for administration and the board
  • Supervise general ledger and financial statements
  • Maintain liability and marketplace insurance
  • Administer medical director’s agreement
  • Assist purchase of supplies offering discounts through our group purchasing agreements and contracts
  • Assist purchase of all movable equipment and furniture
  • Loan and equipment leasing
  • Licensing and certification
  • Oversee distribution of stockholder dividends

We have the expertise to operate your ASC as a well-managed business.
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