Our History of Success Is Legendary

ASD is one of the nation’s oldest, most successful and innovative surgery center companies. Our history of achievement in over 200 ASCs began in the 1980s and continues today. We are now capitalized to invest in surgery centers, bringing more resources and focus to improve the ASC’s profitability and market value for all owners.

Our transformational approach to ASC management re-engineers business and clinical operations to optimize performance, financial margins and patient outcomes. We generate financial success in new and mature centers by adding new services, revenue lines and providers to reinvigorate the base.

For ASC investors, we balance the partnership model to maximize market growth and the resulting value of the business. We offer the injection of our own capital as a minority partner.

Top Line Services

  • Generating new revenue by adding the right services and providers for the center and market.
  • Minority investment with physicians in existing ambulatory surgery centers.
  • ASC management and consulting for all business and clinical operations.
  • New ASC development, through all stages of planning, developing, opening and growth.
  • Re-engineering of existing ASCs for improved performance and profitability.
  • Proprietary operational audit to uncover and eliminate obstacles to profitability.